As a primary care provider, you are often the first line of defense for patients suffering from allergies and the associated symptoms. More often than not, these patients are unaware that their symptoms could be the result of allergies. Let us help you to better diagnose the problem and to provide your patients with a better solution and ultimately a better outcome.

It's simple, the management of allergy symptoms no longer needs to be confined to a specialist. This presents an incredible opportunity for you to improve patient’s quality of life and to generate a meaningful new service and revenue line for the practice.

AllergywoRx Testing Options

Testing Option 1

AllergywoRx scratch testing was designed as a less-invasive, less-painful, more patient-friendly alternative to traditional allergy testing. The 15-minute test is administered using individual, disposable applicators to apply small amounts of antigen directly to a patient’s skin. Positive reactions can be visibly identified and recorded by the healthcare provider within 15 minutes. This test is compliant under FDA regulations.


  • Needle-free
  • Simple application
  • Painless & quick
  • National panel
  • Optional food panel
  • Reimbursable by most major insurance companies
  • Evidence-based diagnostic
  • Patient-friendly
  • Allergist not required
Testing Option 2

AllergywoRx has partnered with the lead innovator in dried blood spot technology to bring physicians a simple, in-office fingerstick blood collection. The test is administered using a proprietary blood collection kit in the clinician’s office. Four saturated spots of blood are collected from a simple fingerstick and sent to a designated lab for testing the presence of environmental and food allergies. This blood test is compliant under FDA regulations.


  • Simple, convenient in-office test
  • Safe, no risk of anaphylaxis
  • Painless & quick
  • National panel & food panel
  • Reimbursable by most major insurance companies
  • Evidence-based diagnostic
  • Allergist not required
  • Performed as early as 3 months old
  • No discontinuation of medications

AllergywoRx Treatment Options

Offer AllergywoRx Within Your Practice

Let us help you to better diagnose the problem. Bring AllergywoRx — a proven and comprehensive testing and therapy solution — to your practice today. You’ll be able to provide your patients with a better outcome, a better quality of life, and a meaningful tool to dramatically reduce their allergies. You’ll also add a significant new ancillary revenue stream to your practice.

AllergywoRx equips providers with the training, know-how, and tool-set necessary to recognize symptoms, administer a test, and prescribe a more effective therapy.

  • Testing is covered by most major insurance companies
  • Expedient test process
  • Easily adhered to immunotherapies dramatically improve outcomes
  • Long-term therapy solution to significantly reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the pain, discomfort and inconvenience of allergies

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