In-office Medication
Dispensing Solutions

In-office medication dispensing provides your practice with a high-yield ancillary that requires only a minimal amount of time and effort from your busy staff. Our in-office medication dispensing solution is easy to operate, integrates with your existing software seamlessly, and the formulary is quickly customized to your patient population ensuring maximum impact to the bottom line. Your practice will have a dedicated inforMD consultant to ensure your team is well trained and that your practice is able to maximize the impact your medication in-office medication dispensing solution has on the well-being of your patients and the performance of your practice.

Increase Profitability and Efficiency

Implement in-office medication dispensing into your practice.

  • Save patients' time by providing commonly prescribed medications immediately
  • Increase the likelihood that patients will take the prescribed medication
  • Unmatched formulary options filled by a wide network of repackagers
  • Low-cost, turnkey system with minimal space and time footprint
  • Enhance profitability and patient experience
  • Fully compliant with DEA and FDA regulations

Benefits of an
inforMD Solutions Consultant

Always available to you and your practice.

  • Customize your practice's dispensing formulary
  • Train your staff and ensure optimal utilization
  • Answer any questions from staff, physicians, or patients
  • Provide ongoing updates and respond to your ongoing needs
  • Manage medication fulfillment

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