We bring to market a comprehensive suite of pharmacy management services. Our pharmacy management services encompass our Specialty Pharmacy and Pharmacy Sourcing platforms and include a high touch customer service program, access to a menu of competitive and innovative manufactured products, and an industry leading sales management and marketing collaboration. The combination of these services will quickly elevate your pharmacy to an elite status while raising your capacity and volume, efficiency, and net income.

A Comprehensive Suite of Management Services

Don’t leave revenue on the table.

  • Individual, personal contact of each and every patient.
  • Assurance that all prescribed refills are adhered to by patients.
  • Pursuit of all missing information required to fulfill prescriptions.
  • Topical patch therapies to address pain, wounds, scars and other common ailments treated via a topical remedy (certain terms and conditions apply).
  • Innovative, pre-packaged topical cream kits that provide the same patient-friendly application methods while enjoying broader support and easier access when compared to today’s traditional compounded creams.
  • Sought after compounded capsule therapies to address general wellness concerns as well as symptoms associated with epidemic health issues such as obesity.
  • Lend our entire sales management team to your team for training, support, and partnership in pursuit of high profile opportunities with physicians and new distributors.
  • Contribute our entire marketing and internal sales service staff available to provide a concierge like support of the sales force.
  • Provide access to our industry leading cloud-based CRM and individual user access for each and every one of your sales consultants. This facilitates transparency, complete and timely access to data, and trust in the process.
  • Volume discount available by purchasing though the inforMD network.
  • Access to verified insurance data showing coverage for each product.
  • Access to a Pharm-D on staff.

Benefits of an
inforMD Solutions Consultant

Always available to you and your practice.

  • Train your physicians and staff on the our comprehensive suite of pharmacy management services
  • Answer ongoing questions about customer service, innovative products and sales and marketing
  • Help your team understand the value in raising your capacity and volume through efficiency

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