inforMD Solutions has aligned itself with major pharmaceutical manufacturing partners to source new and innovative FDA-approved products. We have access to a menu of exclusive and competitive manufactured products not available through traditional acquisition sources. These products are on formulary with most pharmacy benefit managers.

Dedicated Support

inforMD Solutions is able to answer ongoing questions about formulations, applications and fulfillment of prescriptions. We can generate alternative formulation cascades across all therapeutic classes to maximize patient fill rate and pharmacy profitability. We can provide specific relevant information about products currently adjudicating in the market.

Benefits for Pharmacies and Representatives

  • Volume discounts available by purchasing through the inforMD network
  • Verified insurance data showing coverage for each product
  • Unique opportunity offered exclusively to inforMD Solutions Representatives
  • Expanded catalogue in your suite of offerings
  • Servicing 48 states
  • Access to a Pharm-D on staff

inforMD Solutions Partners