inforMD FDA-approved, transdermal products deliver the active ingredients of traditional oral medications via a topical solution, for direct delivery treatment. Transdermal medications and pain management therapies include antivirals, neuropathics, vasodilators, anti-inflammatories, anesthetics, muscle relaxants and antispasmodics.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Implement transdermal medications into your practice.

  • Patient friendly alternative to oral medications for elderly and child patients who struggle to take pills
  • Increase adherence to prescribed course of therapy
  • Speedy relief of common pain associated with arthritis, post-surgery recovery, migraine headaches, and shingles
  • Significantly enhance the healing of burns and post-surgery wounds
  • Dramatically reduce the size and appearance of scars
  • Deliver directly to patient's home for added convenience

Benefits of an
inforMD Solutions Consultant

Always available to you and your practice.

  • Train your physicians and staff on the transdermal medications available and on the most common formulations and usages
  • Answer ongoing questions about formulations, applications, and fulfillment of prescriptions
  • Help your team understand the reimbursements that are available for your patients

Product Offerings


Single manufactured package that provides all the benefits of a traditional cream while also offering broader patient accessibility.

Available in neuropathic, anti-inflammatory, and wound formulations.

Patch Therapies

Topically applied therapy that infuses active ingredients into an adhesive patch.

Provides an easily used overnight solution and enhanced convenience. All the benefits of a traditional cream while also offering broader patient accessibility.

Conventional Therapies

Various modalities that address complex disorders for conditions that require specialized therapies and personalized care.

Wellness Formulations

New, safe and efficacious alternative to narcotics that can be used independently or in conjunction with transdermal medications.

FDA approved.

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